SKU: BA-103

Sensor Application Trainer


ㆍComposed of 10 experimental modules and 16 sensor units
ㆍPossible to practice for various electronic circuits such as sensor detecting, amplifying and converting
ㆍPossible to study various sensor characteristics to apply in various fiends
ㆍPossible to study the principal of A/D and D/A for signal processing
Possible to practice various sensors such as temperature, photo sensor, encoder sensor, ultrasonic sensor, gas sensor, humidity sensor, hall sensor, proximity sensor, presser sensor, sensor switch and etc.
Possible to study the principal of signal detection form sensor. Possible to study how to process signal to suitably use after amplifying of converting according to each signal aspect.
The value of amplified analog signals are displayed with digital value through LED. Possible to interface with other digital signal equipment like a computer. Possible to display voltage value with analog signal after converting from digital value of digital signal equipments. Possible to applicable experiment such as motor speed control.



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