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Motor Trainer


ㆍControl rotation number of motor by proximity sensors
ㆍUnderstand operation principle about proximity sensors and optical sensors
ㆍVarious program practices and application experiments with connection of PLC experiments device. 
ㆍBuilt-in fuse for circuit-protection
ㆍSpeed and reversing controls of stepping motors
ㆍEase of carrying and storage with shape of bags


A. Proximity Sensor : NPN type 1ea, PNP type 1ea
 - High-frequency oscillation type proximity sensor
 - Power : DC 12 ~ 24V
 - Sensing distance : 8mm ±10%
B. Capacitive proximity sensor
 - Steel, metal, plastic, water, stone, all dielectric detection, etc. 
 - NPN output type
 - Source voltage : DC12 ~ 24V
 - Detection distance : 8mm ±10%
C. Photo Micro Sensor
 - Penetration-type detection
 - NPN output type
 - Source voltage : DC5 ~ 24V
 - Detection distance : 5mm fixed
D. DC Gared motor - 2ea
 - CW, CCW state of Motor 1, Motor 2
 - Source voltage : DC 24V
 - CW/CCW conversion input terminal : DC24V
 - Rotation speed : 60rpm
 - A number of rotations detection
 - Proximity sensor detection
E. PR switch and lamp indicator
 - START, STOP indication lamp switch : DC 24V
 - START, STOP, RESET input switch
F. Source power : AC 220V



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