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Digital logic trainer

1)AF-182 is a training system to perform various logic experiments by applying varieties of elementary logic gates.This system is equipped with a power supply and a pulse generator, enabling to perform experiments without separate peripheral devices.         
2) AF-182 enables to practice experiments by combining various digital components.Since numerous telecommunication devices today including electronic calculators are digitalized, it is essential to understand operation, configuration and use of digital circuits.         
3) This training system enables to test and experiment various digital gates such as digital IC, flip-flop, etc.from the fundamentals to their applications.         
4) Applies various logic gates         
5) Applies TTL ICs.          
6) An elegant bag-style case convenient for storage and handling        
7) Apply a wide range of basic logic gates.         
8) Apply TTL IC.         
9) Input voltage: Free volt         
10) Easy to conduct various logic experiments        
11) A bag-style case  convenient for storage and handling         

       < Electronic logic circuit experiment - Book 1>       
  Part 1, Preparation for the experiment       
 Experiment 1. Introduction of the kit      
 Experiment 2. Basic knowledge which is needed for the experiment       
 Part 2, DC circiut experiment       
 Experiment 3. Basics of electric circuits       
 Experiment 4. Tellegen and Principle of superposition       
 Experiment 5. Tebeunin and Norton principle       
 Experiment 6. Variable registor, bridge circuit,△-Y       
 Experiment 7. Capacitor and Inductor       
 Experiment 8. RC circuit      
 Experiment 9. RL circuit       
 Experiment 10. RLC circuit       
 Experiment 11. Circuit frequency response      
 Experiment 12. Diode characteristic experiment       
 Experiment 13. Diode application circuit experiment       
 Experiment 14. Transistor characteristic experiment       
 Experiment 15. Transistor switching experiment       
 Experiment 16. Experiment on MOSFET characteristic      
 Experiment 17. Common source FET amplifier experiment      
 Experiment 18. Basic circuit experiment of Operational amplifier       
 Experiment 19. Comparator, Adder, Operational amplifier experiment       
 Experiment 20. Operational amplifier, Integrator experiment       
     < Digital logic circuit experiment - Book 2>       
  Part 1, Analog circuits experiment       
 Chapter 1. Introduction of the kit      
 Cahpter 2. Electric circuit elements and RLC circuits      
 Cahpter 3. Diode transistor circuits      
 Part 2, Digital logic circuits experiment       
 Chapter 4. the concepts of Digital logic circuits       
 Chapter 5, Basic logic gate, AND,OR,NOT      
 Chapter 6, Basic logic gate, NAND,NOR      
 Chapter 7, Simplification of logic circuits       
 Part 3, Digital combinational logic circuits experiment       
 Chapter 8. Half adder and full adder circuits       
 Chapter 9. Incoder and Decoder      
 Chapter 10. Multiplex and Demultiplexer circuit       
 Chapter 11. Comparator and three-phase logic circuits      
 Part 4, Digital sequence logic circuits experiment       
 Chapter 12. S-R Latch       
 Chapter 13. D-type flip flop       
 Chapter 14. J-K flip flop       
 Chapter 15. SHIFT registors       
 Chapter 16. Binary counters       


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