SKU: BA-150

Function Generator


ㆍ4-in-1 Sweep, Function & Pulse Generator & Frequency Counter
ㆍOutput frequency ranges: 5MHz
ㆍBuilt-in frequency counter: 50MHz, 6dgt
ㆍVarious waveforms generation and frequency counter functions (waveforms for Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Pulse, Saw tooth, and DC output)
ㆍLinear Sweep, DC Offset Control, 20dB Attenuator, VCF Control, SYM Control Function
ㆍTTL leveled Square waveform output
ㆍCMOS leveled Square waveform output 
ㆍBelow than 1% of low error in 10Hz ~ 100 ㎑


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