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autobase 10

- The Autobase has been developed as the Windows OS compatible. This is an automation tool for the monitoring and control fields.
- We implements this S/W in the computer which is connected to the remote automation equipments (PLCs/controllers), and this computer monitors and controls the status of every machines and also measurements/parameters which are linked with the remote automation equipments.
- The Autobase consists of all the features required for the automation, especially this includes the basic functions of the HMI/SCADA, and this could link to databases and web server. The Autobase provides the ideal solution for automation fields of any kind.

- Line Printer : Prints an alarm issued by Monitoring Program. Line printer directly performs printing from a printer port without the assistance of Windows.
- PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) : When a communication module supports the network, all stations can be connected to the PLC.

- PLC-PC Communication : RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, Internal card, TCP/IP. UDP/IP, DDE, DPC, ODBC, OLEDB, USB, etc.
- Automatic Reporter Printing : Current values and minute/hcurly/daily/weekly monitoring data edited using Reporter Editor or Excel, and options available for printing at any time or at designated time.
- Distributed Control System(DCS) : Each local system monitors and controls its own area only, and the server system manages the data form local systems comprehensively.
- Text and Voice Message : Text and voice messages are sent when an alarm is issued.
- Web Server : Monitoring/control performed over the Internet via a web server (Silverlight, mobile code execution, HTML)
- Network Client : Without connection to a PLC, monitoring and control can be performed with connection to the autobase system.
- Multiplex Communication : Up to 256 different PLCs or controllers can be linked to a single system.
- Public Network Connection : Connection to a data logger in a remote location supported via telephone connection.


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