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EDU MARKET Co. ,the organizer of this site , engages in education. It specializes in marketing and promoting products related to education such as educational labs, language labs, measuring instruments, educational devices and instruments, labs' accessories, labs furniture,…..etc, overall Arabian countries.

Site's Characteristics:
1. Easiness of joining and signing in.

2. Smooth reaching to the products through many ways throughout the site.

3. Variety of categories and items come from different resources and origins.

4. Frequent updating of products downloading recently and sending them weekly to the members that are interested in this very item.

5. Familiarity of the suppliers' products by members that are interested in education as much as possible.

Target Customers:

1. All interested in education over all Arab Home Lands.

2. Ministries of education and high education in all Arabian countries.

3. Governmental and private universities in all Arabian countries.

4. Governmental and private institutions and schools in all Arabian countries.

5. Contractors,………etc .

Our Goals:

1. Contributing & taking part in raising the industrial, programming and electronic education on the local & Arabic level.

2. Preparing & qualifying groups that are able to deal & engage in the practical side of electrical, electronic and programming applications.

3. Expanding the circle of educational research through offering comprehensive selection of products related to every specialty of education.

4. Making either teaching or learning an easy process depending on means that facilitates education through:

a. A direct buying offered to all interested in education overall Arabic countries only by joining our marketing web site which considered an educational market indeed.

b. Offering educational products at competitive prices even lower than prices offered by the manufacturer.

c. Keep pace with scientific development by making the end-user current with the latest products that have been newly manufactured.

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Int'l Calls: 0044 792 419 6687

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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